Semipermanent Makeup
SPMU & Microblading are exactly the same thing, a form of placing Organic Pigments under the skin , Spmu uses a machine MB is a handheld pen with a row of tiny needles. Both are forms of tattooing the skin. With the machine method we can create Powder/Ombre Brows , Soft eyelash enhancements or Lip Liner & Lip Blushes.

Price varies
3D eyebrow tattoo ( without a machine ) A small pen like tool had a small row of tiny needles which gently apply tiny hairstrokes to the brow. Or alternatively a powdered brow can be achieved also.

Plasma Lift Therapy
A fantastic treatment also known as Fibroblast or Plexr. This will rejuvenate your skin helping to remove fine lines , wrinkles, acne scarring and so forth. Also for the removal of excess skin this treatment is known for its “soft surgery” effects and can give results to the same effect of blepharoplasty surgery and a mini facelift!

Henna TBMBrow
(30 minutes)
Full eyebrow service. Shaped with henna applied which lasts longer than tint and does colour the skin aswell. Ideal for missing patches in the brow. Lasts approx 4 wks.

Microneedling ( CIT ) Collagen Induction Therapy
Fantastic treatment for fine lines, wrinkles , acne scarring & skin rejuvenation.